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sometimes some books evoke in you certain emotions that are impossible to forget! you just can't let it go... cherishing few memories of the book i recently read! that character is still on my mind and forever in my heart!! just connecting my present and the character! ALASKA in me!

That tender touch
That beautiful smile
Your simple talks
All the while…
Those fearful dreams
Some nightmares
Those funny moments.
 I remember, you were scared
Remember what you said?
You asked for relief,
You wanted peace…
If I say in brief..,
You wanted endless sleep!
I know through your eyes
Those hiccups while you talked
Though not enough wise
But I could make out
What you desired
For none as brave
Who won’t be tired!
Tired after so much  
Of sufferings and pain,
I just wanted you back
I know it is a selfish gain!
I always try avoiding
Writing my feelings for you
For then I miss the presence
I know you or I knew?
I doubt my existence
I often try to hide
Pretend to understand you
For others to whom I am tied!
Hey… but I do understand
I know you love us
Love us like you always do
Scolding for all the fuss
Fuss that irritated you
Bu trust me on this
We loved it the way you do!
You are terribly missed
For none to scold
Whatever we do!
I know children love freedom
But my mind always blew
Thinking what we would do
Without you!
The day when we heard
You are one of the few
Who woke up after no signs?
We just flew
Shouting “you are fine”
Good food was due!
We were on cloud nine…
Again with our selfish desires
We were ringing the chime
Like two beautiful liars…
I just wanted you to be mine!
Ok I may share you
With your little boy, fine?
In a state of ecstasy I flew!
It took me time
Hell lot of courage
Again I became mime
I was carrying the luggage
That burden you released
And trustfully handed me
For a moment I received
I just could not see
See what you actually meant
The hidden desires surface me
To hell I was sent!
When I saw you in me
I became a recluse
A shore to a dead sea…
I choose to refuse
I quit to understand the plea,
For it is not easy to lose
The battle I always fought
You or us: one to choose
In an empty space I was caught!
I cannot promise you a lie,
Won’t say I will be fine
I cannot see you die
On that machine, a straight line!
I want to tell you this
If you could listen
These words are just a jist
Want to listen your laugh and glisten
Those wise words
And endless memories
Your absence kills like swords…
Without you: just worries!!


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