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Living with a lie...

"Life is perfect. Everything around is so magical. Dreams are easy to achieve and relationships are easy to handle." OK OK... No more lies. But just imagine how easy life would be if we start 'believing' in what we actually manifest in our lives. (How contradictory is the fact that the word 'beLIEving' itself has a 'LIE' in it.) How wonderful it would be to start living a dream or a wish which is not yet a reality. Hmmmm... sounds interesting. For instance, it was just today that i so badly wanted to eat a dark chocolate.. yum-mm... i know but i didn't feel like going out in the blazing heat and buy one. I sat on my bed imagining myself eating a dark chocolate and with the watery mouth i got busy with the daily mundane work and somehow forgot. Not more than an hour, there was a knock at the door and it was my roomie, who was back from her weekend trip to some island. The story doesn't end in here, she handed me dark chocolate stating, i asked for it a week ago against a favor. OMG... How cool. And i was forced to think,,, no actually i ate the chocolate first and then was forced to think and analyse the whole thing. I was all of a sudden reminded of Mr. Wayne Dyer, he often states in his lectures "YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY". Yes it does.

Now coming on to the issue,, living with a lie. If asked, according to me definition of a lie would most aptly be a hypothetical situation in which if p then q,,, and both the p and q are our creations. There is no wrong in living with a lie until and unless it involves only YOU and your life. Believing in dreams and and acting as if its a part of the reality makes it rather a part of it. It is like you are the creator creating things you want and exactly how much you want and things start showing up. If you believe you are happy in the most saddest of a situation you would rather be given reasons to be happy about. So, create things and situations exactly how and when you want and release it to the Universe. Live with the lie and it shall turn into reality,,, sooner or later, depends on how clear you are about what you want!


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Off to a midnight saunter Into woods not so green
I saw someone gazing strong
Afraid to find out and lean.
I stood there still and small
Choosing between stay and move
The gaze took control of me
Telling me things none could prove!
The Fear of unknown built up
Shadows growing strong and dark
I felt a shudder in my soul,,
The thought of bygone, left a mark.
Taking a step back, I thought
Would mean a peep into the past
Heading forward being the best move
This fear will then not last.
I ordered my brain to stop the game
Gave the power to the crimson beast
I knew it would be fair and right
Former always stole the feast.
Now I was out of the woods,
Woods that were never green.
I came and saw the mirror,
The gaze I feared was mein!

The thing

Well, life is nothing but a catalogue of ideas that exists somewhere, waiting to get substantial! Take a form or maybe be loud enough for the world to hear; not as an echo but a whisper…
The thing about whispers,
Well, thy are heard yet unheard! Understood yet unknown language for many. Whispers, seldom become audible but the tunes are soothing, the feel of being unheard yet heard by somebody. More often than usual it is our own soul doing the role. But such introspection sessions are common, as common as an Unicorn on the road at the countryside maybe!
The thing about Unicorns, Well, they are magic. Magic sounds surreal but yes if you have the courage to believe in it; it won't disappoint you. Those 'serene' creatures are nothing but miracles. Wondrous souls that are created with the blink of an eye; with the movement of the wand I guess!

My sky in September

That small restless kiddo!
Overheard, shouted "Just nine"
Waited for the months to end
Till August things were fine.

It didn't bother him till eight,
September was his favorite...
The ninth month on calendar
Waited forever to savor it!

He was waiting, he is still...but
The wait became too long,
He waited, danced on one leg,
Sobbed, singing his favorite song!

The last date was the best,
He thought! Moulding the clay,
The form he made, of a face...
Much like a mask, it'd stay!

He painted few drops, with blue
A little real, a little messed up.
Blue being the fear, he trembled
Dropped the paint, it no more resembled!

What was in front, still blurred his eyes
He thought he'll manage the mistake,
He was sure he'll twist the story,
Mould it in his creative wake!

He took the brush, made it all blue,
Dropped the initial plan, thought,
"Blue is the new you!"
Still, with the heart he fought.

Heart wanted few little drops,
But what he got was more than his sha…