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They were here, just here And now they sit there… Sometimes seem sane But mostly are insane! From head to toe Mostly high, seldom low! Oh! They wander to and fro. Press the brakes, make them slow! But should they be blamed? For they can be tamed But blessed is my memory Nothing more temporary! Than these wandering emotions I guess I need practicing devotion! I am happy this moment In seconds changing temperament! I often forget what was going In my mind, for I keep showing Mood swings often frequent Than pendulum, mostly adamant Adamant about my decision Taken with no precision I often land up being a disaster For recovery is never faster! I do things that are stupid Thinking them to be highly cupid! Oh I am just too awesome For the source of nuisance I always create with confidence My little butterflies, create dense And profound effect on my Brain, it stops working before I try And it is always end of the game!
But I do respect my thoughts For they are ones who brought The very best out of me Into my soul I could see! …


some people you can never forget... even if you try to cut off,I bet you will fail... so do I... a failure, a proud failure indeed!!

This is a story
of  serene girl...
who brought glory
and eyes like a pearl!
she is angelic
but not with wings
half cupid, half relic
surprise she brings!
with a heart of gold
things untold.
worries would be sold
before they are told...
in her she carries
innocence of a newborn
she will tell you stories
pages of sorrows would be torn!
with her you know
you will be fine
you just watch the show
e-i-g-h-t and then n-i-n-e
till the time
you would count t-e-n...
you will hear the chime
and you are out of that den!
the den of the darkness
where you were locked
by the power of her kindness
you will be shocked!
you keep wondering
you keep admiring
as per the old saying
fairies keep sailing!
you will never know
when she came and left
it is the end of the show
all pain with her she swept!
i still ponder
i still think
that angel yonder...
and before i blink,
i see …


sometimes some books evoke in you certain emotions that are impossible to forget! you just can't let it go... cherishing few memories of the book i recently read! that character is still on my mind and forever in my heart!! just connecting my present and the character! ALASKA in me!

That tender touch That beautiful smile Your simple talks All the while… Those fearful dreams Some nightmares Those funny moments.  I remember, you were scared Remember what you said? You asked for relief, You wanted peace… If I say in brief.., You wanted endless sleep! I know through your eyes Those hiccups while you talked Though not enough wise But I could make out What you desired For none as brave Who won’t be tired! Tired after so much   Of sufferings and pain, I just wanted you back I know it is a selfish gain! I always try avoiding Writing my feelings for you For then I miss the presence I know you or I knew? I doubt my existence I often try to hide Pretend to understand you For others to whom …


I have always lived with a lie... yes, i can say it with utmost confidence, that it works... you believe and it happens... This poem perhaps is a way through which i wanted to acknowledge, the power of attraction!!

I am fine now Things are easier I have a support Worries are less, I am living with a lie!
Things are better now Much easier I have a family I have just one worry, I am living with a lie!
Things are at its best I am set free Big happy family No worries at all I am living with a lie!!
I am strong I am mature I can handle myself What are worries? I am living with a lie!
In a state of ecstasy Mind at peace People pleased W-o-r-r-i-e-s??? I am living with a lie!
I’ll be happy now I’ll forever be sane A support I procured Happiness! I am living with a lie!


Recently watched GLADIATOR again! I am so fond of the movie... so comes this poem... I'll see you soon, not yet!!

I’ll exalt myself one day Not in rank Not in order Not for the society Not for you Not for them But for HIM I’ll see you soon… Not yet!!
I’ll get out of this labyrinth I’ll fix it up The relations The bonds shared These sufferings Would end Like, forever! I’ll see you soon… Not yet!!
I’ll be a Perfect daughter, sister Good friend Proud citizen Some principles Few sacrifices Pain, to be felt Yet will be dealt I’ll see you soon… Not yet!!
I’ll be the best of me The designer Social worker A novelist Some poetry New Yorker Good human I’ll see you soon… Not yet!!


This poem describes the situation of a person, a very close friend of mine! Indeed the best person I've ever known... In hope you'll get out like a conqueror! 
I am bit too lost, maybe In a labyrinth, perhaps One that’s largest indeed!!
I am quite struck, maybe In my distant star, perhaps One that’s brightest indeed!!
I am very moody, maybe Because of the hormones, perhaps But suffering is there indeed!!
I am just a little mature, maybe The elder ones are perhaps Immaturity is immense indeed!!
Star says “I am better”, maybe For she loves me, perhaps Love and care, her nature indeed!!
Mother is too tired, maybe Months of endless sleep, perhaps Not ready to wake up indeed!!
Papa is tired too, maybe Mamma’s deep slumber, perhaps No signs of revival indeed!!
I am still hopeful, maybe For losing them, impossible perhaps Faith is strong indeed!!
My Family still exists, maybe Just need some time, perhaps Hearts are still united, indeed!!
I will live my dreams, maybe That day will come, perhaps Will fight for it,…


I have a strong belief in STARS... I have a small cute story behind it... But its mine story, between me and the star! I am just an awe-stuck girl!

It was a magical night, I saw a distant star, I was spell bound… But it seemed so far!
I was amazed, Not by its shine But because it appeared Every time I was not fine!
It had a serene effect I felt safe and secure, Though alone yet A support I procured.
I felt a connection I could feel a bond For it always saved me From the situation wrong!
I was missing my creator Her very essence But I found a refuge A shelter in its presence!
I talked about my fears I told how weak I am It smiled the way it does Me: star struck lamb.
It shined so brightly When I did a good deed… And lighted up my path When I was in need!
The days went by It became my family, Struck by its beauty My Nile’s lily!
My safe refuge It became my reflection My charming angel A way of introspection!
Times changed… Things became worse And I thought I was Thrown down by a curse!
I stopped the interaction For I thought  …


Sometimes I wonder This bond so tender…
To that road yonder I silent and sombre Used to wander, Trying to conquer Or, hunting for a longer But a quiet saunter. Oh how one does maunder, Of fervency sundered. For aye, in a tireless slumber Crumbling into colors of umber The soul torn asunder.
A sudden thunder Soul still encumbered…
But there was a wonder Was forced to ponder, Felt stronger For sorrows were plundered. For I remember You were that WONDER!


This one indeed is for the person who was all the way by side when I needed a support. To hear my cry and answer all my questions... SHIRIN MA'AM, I owe you a debt of gratitude!

At night, When I am alone. Alone enough to be myself. When I can put off, Put off my mask. The mask that portrays me As a sane person Helps me pretend That I am all fine, Strong and mature Brave enough to deal With everything! The only time When the child inside, Deep down me Awakes and cries Cries for love, support In need of a smile In need of care Stubborn like a newborn With stupid questions Mostly unanswerable When I can be That fearful child Insecure, immature When I am Scared of the unknown Doubting the known. YOU… Who doesn't expects Expect me to be The perfect someone Indeed accepts me For the way I am. Make me believe That it’s OK To feel the way I feel. To cry, To doubt, To question. An answer to All my calling At night when I remove my mask When I am me It’s because of YOU!