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You are our ANGEL. Maybe you cannot see your WINGS but we can clearly see. Maybe you are not aware hoe beautiful of an angel you are, but you are. and it is a fact!
Because when angels fly, They are the stars of the sky, In your deep hearts they always lie To them your worries if you tie All miseries, you'll see them die Because when the angels fly, Up and down, soaring high With hope they often fill your eye Still depressed in the corner if you lie Find your angel, soaring high, See them flying the distant sky Catch them and convincing u shall try. Because when angels fly, I see you and then I sigh For to you I can never lie To you my sorrows I always tie, I so miss your presence, and hate saying bye .


Because with him I have learnt a lot, because  from him I have learnt a lot. Him?? Perhaps "the coolest faculty of my college-THE SOURAV PRUSTY". One great teacher when it comes to life and experiences. Few lines on the eve of Teacher's day to tell him that he helped me to lift up my soul, when i was crippled inside.

I was a flower quickly fading None in front but was still waving Infinite names but was still naming Finding the one, busy blaming... A blinding flash of insight, claiming Trying to claim a greater understanding! Evolution, a process of remembering. Difference b/w requiring and desiring Shifting from nothing to something. Changing direction, not abandoning! Most recent moment, new beginning. Noticed, nothing has any meaning! My reality, I myself was choosing. When my soul knew what's occurring. Experiencing and expressing divinity. Shiny new me I was acquiring. That highest thing I was achieving. In a soul language I am speaking!!!


Nothing lasts forever...
Memories too with time Fades, are somewhere gone Gone to places distant far Places those never existed But have a mark in the map Map that is only sought by few.
Nothing lasts forever...
Even bruises are filled and scars gone Soul tormented and then in unity Tied within the threads of tapestry United in a way yet separate Bound in harmony, yet amid-st disguise Abundance, yet scarcity, around.
Nothing lasts forever...
Nor will this day Nor will this night Nor these miseries Nor these sufferings. But these words will stand Immortal in this mortal world!!!!!


Memories are the immortal part of our mortal stay. And trust me, in this small journey, YOU are and always be, the most beautiful memory, just like a memory long kept…
In the most beautiful frame The picture is serene with a name To people it may look very plain They are ignorant, shouldn't be blamed But for me it’s never the same To the world I can always proclaim The glorious days with you it came Cool breeze amid-st the blazing flame Yet in that frame, there is a serene name;
"Like a memory long kept"


Her room parallel to mine. Staring at her window my favorite job. Cause the room is the lighthouse and she my INSPIRATION, forever.

When I see the light of the day, 'I am not alone' Staring at your window I say. For peace and harmony I seldom pray For He knows what it is and it may.
Waiting to get blessed by the ray On that spiny ground I perfectly lay, It is not fair, my heart cries and says I miss the childish and carefree play.
Anger, hatred, why this delay? Wait till eternity? I think as I lay... But when I see the light of the day, Look up to your window and say, "Stay forever by my side, never turn away!"
For people do even if they say It is impossible for them to stay To Him I ask and will forever say, To keep you by my side lest I am astray!
You save me when I to myself betray Saving me from the negativity grey Your presence stops me from turning away!!! When I see the light of the day...


Having someone in life, who traces you down all the time when you are running from the world. It is the best feeling in the world when you are sitting in the most hidden corner of the world alone, being so sure that none would know. Yet amid-st that insecure zone you find your ANGEL watching over you!! Its beautiful beyond words...

And there you were watching me...
When I was Bound to lie. When I am lost In my world.
When in the corner I use to cry When I stare at you And you catch.
When with sunken eyes I use to walk When I pretend to smile That fake smile.
When I am so sure That none is watching When I know for sure None would care.
When I skillfully smile The most carefree smile. When I am running An extra mile.
There you were watching me...


Sometimes it takes just a quote to inspire you. Inspire you in a way that you cannot stop yourself from writing. "WILD THINGS HAVE RESTLESS WINGS, THAT TOO OFTEN NEEDS TO FLY." -MICHAEL XAVIER
Wild things have Restless wings… That too often Needs to fly... Random thoughts Are too moody That very often Light up my little eye... Bruises on my soul, Trying not to fall. Broken yet to myself I tend to lie... Within the walls Of endless doubt. In this labyrinth I guess I will die! Yet I find solace, Moments of peace. When I see the Beautiful angel fly The angel serene Who is forever there? Someone with whom A bond shall always lie...

It is not a fragrant world

No matter how much happiness is standing in front of us, if we are not ready to accept and acknowledge, our world will be the same depressed zone. A place where negativity and depression are the key emotions.When the soul is crippled, happiness which is all the time around us seems invisible...
It is not a fragrant world, When you are crippled inside... Because then, You do yet you don't You believe yet you won't With millions yet alone Destined Path, yet not shown Via reality, you're blown Sins, in the past are sown Happiness yet you moan Depression in veins has grown Proud owner of the abandoned throne To committing wrong you are prone Writing errors on the stone Always in the erroneous zone Indebted yet offering loan. Finding answers of questions unknown. Because, It is not a fragrant world, If you are crippled inside.