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Dedicated to the lady luck of my life!! The prettiest and the most beautiful soul! Miss SHIRIN VERMA! This one is for you!

I met a lady
dressed in blue!
Simple and serene,
Initially I had no clue...

She was there,
and I was there...
But then she smiled
Glued was my stare!

Hey! You are pretty
and beautiful your soul
Your ways I adore
Hence, this scroll!!!


A little boy sitting alone
I saw him from distant far
He was almost on my own
I wondered who left him distant far?
He was crying I could make out
Wiping his tears he walked straight
In the middle of the road, I wanted to shout
Lost and weird on the way that was laid.
Hey stop! I shouted thrice
'Don't walk in the middle of the road'
I was chanting the sane advice
He ignored and walked as if releasing some load...
I ran and reached him somehow
I finally brought him to the stopping mode
I looked in his eyes and I saw pain
I could sense as his soul began to corrode
He was a little boy and I hope he is fine
He was a little boy I wish I could understand
He was a little boy and he is somewhere
He was a little boy on the distant land!


CONSCIOUS VS SUBCONSCIOUS!! It is like you are not sure whether you are alone or you have a companion... when you are not in spirit!

Don't know why I feel,
as if I am missing something,
Don't know why my heart aches
every time you cross my mind.
Don't know why I feel empty,
empty and hollow,
don't why I feel this way
feel as if I am lost somewhere
somewhere in this lonely crowd
Crowd of people..
People,, I think I know!
Lost in them, lost with them
Yet find myself alone...
I had a companion throughout
I think or I have?
I have or I had?
still confused...
Don't know what I am thinking about,
But still I am lost in someone's thoughts!
Thoughts that are random,
But revolve around that only being,
the only one, I wish to forget!
Its true I live in my own world,
My world of fantasies...
Though its created by me,
yet not controlled by me...
Feel like a puppet,
dancing and prancing around,
doing things I don't wish to!
don't know why I am so obsessed?


A desire, a wish.., to just have a glance of her! Because sometimes the presence of someone is enough to make you feel better! To make to you believe that things will be alright soon. And waiting for them to arrive is perhaps the most beautiful feeling! 

On a chilling winter morning
when God paints everything in white,
when the world around seem so small,
when distant objects are somewhere lost...
when vision becomes limited,
I stand there with a desire,
A desire to see her...
I try every possible way.
every possible mean,,,
to get a glance of her...
I rub my eyes, open them wide,
as if I would capture her in them!
I look for signs,
signs that would indicate her presence,
I wait there for long...
as long as I could!
Now I know how special it is,,,