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Innate feelings are irrational
Rising above nearly floating,
Just like, a poem lies inert
after being read, unmoving!

That inertness being an end
The ultimate destination
Lying just there, once loved
Its incarnation or cremation?

That feeling once they felt
Now its long gone, the past!
For they read it and forgot...
The words still there, my last!

Writing for me is my salvation
It shows me the truth unraveled...
I write and then I realize


Whispered the wind...
The moon opined...
Thus the sun resigned!
The Universe rejoiced,
Unicorns perfectly aligned!
Time perfectly designed...
Their exultation voiced!
Endearment hence enjoyed!

That's exactly how it is
When they are together,
Heaven, an innate bliss!
The whimsical Master,
And the vivacious Miss,
They're a perfect match
A triumphant eve it is!!!


His eyes glazing as ever
Her eyes, as rare as hazel
Imagine those quadruple
Staring the world's fable!

Imagine those alluring tetrad
Put together in a single frame
Awestruck us all the while
"Complete" being paridisiac name!

How can the sentiments flag down?
How can these words cease?
How can a philocalist resist?
How could the admiration surcease?

Measuring the fist sized heart he said,
Pain in here is endless and toes curled...
"Your eyes are even smaller
Yet they behold the world."

Counting the infinite tracks she said
Each is incomplete without the other!
Together they carry our existence
The very essence, the crimson color.


It started with a hustle,
A little turbulence of Adieu!
Souls departing to no-land...
Leaving mark in its lieu!

It started with an ache,
Waiting to be completely felt...
Sorrows, mourning and hopes,
Finding ways to be dealt!

It started with an untold sorrow,
An unheard story, never told...
A little mystery of emotions,
Shivering soul in summer cold!

It started and shall continue,
Self created fog in clear sky!
Fog of death and shattered hopes...
Facing truth yet running towards that lie...

It started and now its all fog,
Be it dawn or be it dusk,
Its all fog, an unfading mist,
Trying to pluck blades of husk!

The dense mist,
The never fading fog...
Some say its smoke,
Look deeper,,,


Once on a blank ruled page, She tried scribbling a form... Matching some broken lines A lame creation, hence born!
To all who saw, it made no sense, The folk, the people, her cohorts so close. She smiled a smile weird and unknown, Faithful rendering of her enigmatic prose!
She held the paper in her hands, Swayed a little, the smile was constant She laid it down and glued her stare, Puzzled or Amazed?  She missed something important...
Holding a pen, she sat down again A little disturbed, a little crestfallen The smile she had was now lost, About this pain, she did mention often!
She drew and drew, hours and days Passed by unnoticed in front of her... She still drew, and yes it was now complete, For the world to see, her eyes now blur.
She left the form on its own, Took a corner, lost and abandoned... Saw those people marvel and appreciate, Trying to convince, like it never happened!