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An Escape...

WE ARE RUNNING...CHASING AFTER ALL THAT WE ARE, ALL THAT WE WANT NOW.And meanwhile while running towards a not so clear goal, at times after something we are not even sure of, we never realize how and when we start running from ourselves. We fail to understand why we are doing things against our glory. All we think and want is an escape from our current situation.

But for me an escape is a way to rise. OK maybe sounds a bit melodramatic, RISE and ESCAPE. But once you see it right it definitely makes sense. What exactly is the Escape I am talking about, it doesn't really mean packing your luggage and leaving the house but it means not being able to face a current situation and running from it. What do you do when you are hurt? When things aren't going your way? When your closest one fail to understand you?

These are the ways through which we often try to escape, but there is a whole new side to it. We definitely need to get out of the current disturbing element of our life but instead of falling in the black hole of Blame Guilt Depression Self Denial,, we can actually Rise from the situation like a conqueror. It all depends how you perceive things around you. If you are hurt by someone's actions or harsh words, the best way to escape then is to step into their shoes and be empathetic to really understand what made them say or do things which are not apt. If things aren't going the way you want it to be, then probably start thinking that "ALL IZ WELL" because in the end what you manifest in your life is your creation, YOU ARE THE CENTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE, your thoughts indeed attract what you get in life. So choose to be positive and feel positivity and let the great organisational power control your life. If your closest one fails to understand you, don't forget you always have that one person in the whole world, whatever you may choose to call it,GOD, SOUL,ORGANIZING POWER, SPIRIT or whatever, is always there to listen and understand you. You indeed are never alone.

SO FIND YOUR OWN CREATIVE "ESCAPE"... Dance when you feel tensed. Sing out loud your favorite song when life seems messed up. Talk when you are filled up to the brim with hidden things. Share when you need help. Pray and pray some more when you are happy, Be thankful. BE FREE!!


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A little boy sitting alone
I saw him from distant far
He was almost on my own
I wondered who left him distant far?
He was crying I could make out
Wiping his tears he walked straight
In the middle of the road, I wanted to shout
Lost and weird on the way that was laid.
Hey stop! I shouted thrice
'Don't walk in the middle of the road'
I was chanting the sane advice
He ignored and walked as if releasing some load...
I ran and reached him somehow
I finally brought him to the stopping mode
I looked in his eyes and I saw pain
I could sense as his soul began to corrode
He was a little boy and I hope he is fine
He was a little boy I wish I could understand
He was a little boy and he is somewhere
He was a little boy on the distant land!

A Story

The time thus stopped, still
Between then and the now,
Then was forever beautiful
Now is undulating but infernal.

Forever is hence a myth,
Tied between the bygone
And the moments yet to come
Stuck, unmoving and dead.

The rise of an era, indeed
Was not a beginning either,
It was called upon by turmoil
And the sacrifices of all.

Them all, gave up all they could
Left behind what they had,
They managed to flee, evacuate
But couldn't untie the chain.

The chain that was tied
So fast around their souls,
Choked, breathless, unmoved.
They cried, longed, lamented.

The emotions they were bound to
Took a toll on them once again,
The empire did rise again,
Them, all, remained the same!


Well, that ache in the center that apparently has no definite cause or maybe the reasons are too insignificant to be named the ultimate thing; there’s a root cause. It’s mere mind’s play, to decide, to let go and definitely to keep holding on…forever? Maybe, if it existed.
But that ache that is indifferent, an ache that feels new every-time, an ache that we’ve befriended like no other, an ache that is acknowledged and welcomed with smile driven tears, an ache that is nostalgic of moments that were mere memoirs of the bygone days, an ache that we never saw coming, an ache that was an escape once from the reality we never faced, an ache which has now become a necessity, an ache that is a part of you?

An ache,,, A beautiful one!