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My Erroneous Zone!

"A summer afternoon, walking down the lane, i blindly fell into a pit to the right of the lane which somehow i didn't notice. The very second day, I was again walking on the same lane, this time i knew there is a pit to my right but i choose to ignore and fell into it again. Third day, on the same lane, pit to my right, saw it,and willingly jumped into it. Fourth day, the very same lane, the very same pit, the very same me, i saw it, i walked around it and jumped into it. Fifth day, I WALKED THROUGH A DIFFERENT LANE!!!" And all these four former lanes have proved to be my ERRONEOUS ZONE,,, still trying to walk a NEW STREET!

The above situation may feel like nonsense but once you look at it right, it will make sense. The people who are close to us, like a rushing wind, they breathe within us.And in no time they become so important that we instead of connecting to them land up being attached. Being attached and being connected are two different things. The idea behind every successful bond is and has always been "Connected to all, Attached to none." Being able to CONNECT somehow means understanding the other soul without expectations,its unconditional and being ATTACHED is putting the other on test time and again with a burden of expectations. This has always been my Error.  


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Just a Goodbye

Goodnight-s are badAnd shall AlWAYS be,But wishing you a wish,Is a wish.And,Shall AlWAYS be!
I thought about it and I'm still caught in it. Of how each goodnight whispered to me an echo that my heart acknowledged as a goodbye. Of all the goodbye's ever heard, none could be at par like that midnight goodnight as it flashed my screen. I sensed an ending that wasn't an end. A loss that happened twice. Of wishes that never came with a guarantee. What if, it was already the last of your share whilst you thought of the last one to be even more piercing. You swallow that pain of the imposed last and thank your stars for not making you wait. For what was never yours for the world but indeed your little world which collapsed right then with that goodnight. A night which apparently was never good, those moments that still ache  and long for the night to be good again. And that whisper to be echoed yet again. That pain you're still ready to feel again,, to see that 'goodnight&…

A Story

The time thus stopped, still
Between then and the now,
Then was forever beautiful
Now is undulating but infernal.

Forever is hence a myth,
Tied between the bygone
And the moments yet to come
Stuck, unmoving and dead.

The rise of an era, indeed
Was not a beginning either,
It was called upon by turmoil
And the sacrifices of all.

Them all, gave up all they could
Left behind what they had,
They managed to flee, evacuate
But couldn't untie the chain.

The chain that was tied
So fast around their souls,
Choked, breathless, unmoved.
They cried, longed, lamented.

The emotions they were bound to
Took a toll on them once again,
The empire did rise again,
Them, all, remained the same!

Do re mi

Oh I lost it. I lost that thought which came amidst chaotic calmness. I related to it as a mermaid's lost song, oh how happy I felt to have thought of it in the first place. I remember the tune, it still rings in my deaf lobes. Do re mi fa.... The words, those words are lost in the dictionary. A dictionary to those words that existed for the briefest of moments and like smoke extinguished without even a slight trace of existence. I sat down and tried to relive those moments that led me to the no-land. But alas, the castle was burned down and I sipped the thought of extinction. I sat there staring at stars which were hidden inside the blanket of clouds but they did exist. Just like those lost thoughts that do exist but are indeed covered., yet to be found. I thought of him yet again. I dreamt of the starry night too. I wondered if that character I once read about that made me fall in love with myself was him? I thought of us. A fading silhouette of him. I felt that separation even …